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The Perfect Winter Day

winterday1I’ve been feeling the winter blues lately so this weekend, I wanted to get out of the apartment and do fun things.  My favorite thing to do on a weekend day is to wander through a New York neighborhood and discover new shops and restaurants.  More often than not, most of the places I end up are food related.

My boyfriend and I started in the West Village, which is still one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city.  We both love eating oatmeal for breakfast so we had to check out OatMeals, which is an oatmeal bar.  Oatmeal is perfect for a cold day because it’s comforting, warm and healthy.  Well, at least my boyfriend had the healthy option.  He was shaking his head in disappointment when I ordered the almond joy.  Yea, I’m that fat kid who orders oatmeal that tastes like a candy bar.  I love this place because you can have oatmeal anyway you like with a base of steel cut oats cooked with either water or milk.

We then walked through the West Village which is always a treat.  Because we live in Columbus Circle, I love how the West Village feels so residential.  I’ve always loved Brownstones because when I was little, I loved the Cosby Show and I wished I lived with the Huxtables.  We walked to Chelsea Market which is always a favorite destination.  I love the vibe and all the food purveyors.  It’s my go-to place for a snack and a shot of espresso.

We walked a little East to the Flatiron district to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.  We first discovered Beecher’s at Pike Place Market in Seattle and was happy to see they have a store now in nyc.  We got to try some delicious cheeses and the option of becoming a vegan went right out the door.  We got home safe from the cold and made a charcuterie plate.  Like I said, a lot of food related places but I did say fun!  This was the perfect winter day to beat the winter blues.

winterday2{Old fashioned oatmeals}

winterday3{Almond joy oatmeal}

winterday4{Waiting for our oatmeal at OatMeals}

winterday5{Brownstones in the West Village}

winterday6{I’ve always wanted a stoop like this}

winterday7{Caffeine jolt at Ninth Street Espresso in Chelsea Market}

winterday8{Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses}

winterday9{Tasting the goat cheese}