taim1One of the best things about living in the city, is that you can eat any type of cuisine from anywhere around the world.  I have a weekly craving for Middle Eastern food in particular, the falafel.  A falafel is a fried ball made from ground chickpeas and is often served in a pita.  I’ve been on a continuing mission to find the best falafel in the city and I think I’ve come pretty close with the one from Taïm.  The falafels are fried to order, perfectly crunchy on the outside and incredibly delicious on the inside.  The falafels are gluten free and the ingredients are locally sourced when possible.  I had my first falafel from a Taïm food truck and now, I don’t have to scour the city for them, they have locations in the West Village and Nolita.  If you’re as obsessed with falafels as I am, you have to try the ones at Taïm.