Sunset Beach

sunsetbeach1Shelter Island, a small strip of land in between the South and North Fork, accessible by ferry has always been on me list of places I’ve wanted to visit.  We decided to go to lunch yesterday at Sunset Beach before the weekend crowds come and make it virtually impossible to get a reservation.  Lucky for us, we were the first ones there and seated.  The waiter said a mere 8 hours before our arrival which was 12 pm, it was a crazy party scene.  We took the ferry from North Haven to Shelter Island which was literally the shortest ferry ride I’ve ever taken (5 minutes).  Sunset Beach is a restaurant and inn owned by André Balazs who also owns the Standard Hotel in New York City.  Everyone I’ve spoken to about Sunset Beach all concur that it feels very South of France.  It couldn’t be more true.  We were sitting on the roof with French music playing in the background eating a fresh baguette right from the oven.  Everyone was drinking rosé for lunch and looking like they didn’t have a care in the world.  I imagine this is what the French do on vacation.  It’s a known fact that when a restaurant is in a beautiful setting the food is always subpar but that wasn’t the case here.  All the ingredients are sourced locally from farms and seafood stands (where they can).  Shelter Island itself is a very quaint and rustic town.  There’s definitely more to discover there.  Sunset Beach is a little piece of France in the middle of Shelter Island in the Hamptons.

sunsetbeach2{Ferry ride to Shelter Island}

sunsetbeach3{The front of the restaurant}

sunsetbeach4{On the roof}

sunsetbeach5{Prosecco makes everything better}

sunsetbeach6{Long Island tomato salad}