Rockaway Taco

My sister asked me if I wanted to go to Rockaway Beach and the only reason why I agreed was for Rockaway Taco.  I’ve been meaning to go to Rockaway Taco all summer and it’s been on my summer to-do list but Rockaway Beach isn’t that close.  I actually had to google where Rockaway Beach was (it’s close to JFK Airport).  It’s an hour and a half on the subway and an hour drive plus an hour with all the traffic.  I love the hipster vibe at Rockaway Taco and the taco shack on the beach feel that you only get in Southern California.  I love that they grow vegetables including peppers on the roof and fence of all places.  The tacos were really delicious.  I had the fish tacos with guacamole and fried sweet plantains.  It was totally worth the trek.