You think of a Chinese restaurant and your mind goes to cheesy decor, family style plates, dim sum on carts, and waiters who are well, Chinese.  Redfarm is an innovative Chinese restaurant with greenmarket sensibility.  I love the restaurant’s whimsical food and rustic decor.  All of the dishes had eyes!! You will see what I’m talking about in just a moment.  My favorites were the soup dumplings.  How do they make them?  If you’ve ever made dumplings before, you would know that it seems impossible to have broth in a dumpling and then cook it without the broth leaking out.  My other favorite was the Katz’s pastrami egg roll.  I didn’t think it would be as good as it was.  We got there at 5 PM sharp when they open (AARP special) and we were the first ones.  In about 15 minutes, the place filled up.  Happy Chinese New Year which is on Monday January 23rd!

{Pork & crab soup dumplings}

{Pac man shrimp dumplings}

 {BBQ’d Berkshire “black foot” pork belly}

{Crispy duck & crab dumplings}

{Katz’s pastrami egg roll}


529 Hudson Street