Red Rooster Harlem

I know Chef Marcus Samuelsson as the rockstar behind Aquavit and a regular on Top Chef.  Every foodie friend I know raves about his restaurant Red Rooster in Harlem.  I have been getting serious about crossing off restaurants on my hit list.  It was about time I take the 2/3 express train to 125th in Harlem.  I walked into the restaurant at 6 pm and it was already bustling.  There was an eclectic mix of people from every background and age.  I loved the vibe of the place, it felt like I was in Marcus Samuelson’s apartment and we were all over for dinner.  The food is like a scrapbook of his life, from Ethiopia where he was born to Sweden where he grew up and finally Harlem.  I’ve never felt more of a connection to a chef’s personal experience through his food than at Red Rooster.  When I ate Helga’s meatballs, I could taste his childhood.  The meatballs ended up being my favorite dish.  I loved how the savory meatballs were paired with the sweet lingonberries.  It was a great dinner with a lively ambiance.  The best part was meeting Marcus Samuelson and talking to him, what a cool guy!

 {People watching at the bar}

 {Fried yard bird}

 {Helga’s meatballs}

 {Dirty rice and shrimp}

 {Sweet potato donuts}

 {Warm chocolate hazelnut custard}