NYC, Restaurants

Plaza Food Hall

All my favorite food purveyors in one place!  I’ve died and gone to heaven.  The Plaza Food Hall is not your average food court, it’s a fancy food court in a luxe setting.  I went there for a snack and left about 20 pounds heavier.  Just to name a few of my favorites: Lady M, Sushi of Gari, Francois Payard, and Billy’s Bakery.  The best part is that you can have lunch and then a dessert and coffee right after.  It’s a communal dining place so you get to meet tourists and locals.  I have to be honest, sometimes when I’m walking home and I pass by The Plaza, I stop in for a snack.  This is a glutton’s paradise and a girly girl’s dream.

{Sweets from William Greenberg}

 {Marshmallows from Three Tarts}

 {Daily offerings at Luke’s Lobster}

 {Sandwiches from Pain d’Avignon}

 {Cakes at Billy’s Bakery}

 {Being Eloise}