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Peanut Butter Co

peanutbutterco1Peanut butter is pure comfort food for me.  I love it on almost everything and it reminds me of my childhood.  My sister and I were in the West Village and needed a quick snack.  I remembered Peanut Butter & Co, an oldie but goodie sandwich shop here in NYC.  It’s a whimsical place that serves different types of peanut butter sandwiches.  Order “The Elvis” which is a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich or the “Pregnant Lady”- peanut butter and pickles.  I ordered the “Peanut Butter cup” which is a peanut butter sandwich with nutella.  They toasted the bread so the nutella and the peanut butter melted together…yum.  I love New York City because you can literally find an entire spot that is dedicated in serving your favorite thing.