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Peacefood Cafe

{Image from Peacefood Cafe}

I always try to keep an open mind about Vegan restaurants and I’m really glad I did because Peacefood Cafe was a great surprise.  It’s on 82nd and Amsterdam and I’m always passing by it on my way to brunch.  The ambiance is serene and peaceful.  It seemed like the staff and the patrons were all long time friends and everyone was smiling and laughing.  I thought to myself, vegans are happy people.  I also wanted to try Peacefood Cafe in an attempt to be healthier.

I ordered the Mediterranean vegetable panini which was warm and crunchy and the cashew butter was to die for.  I also got the chickpea fries which were crispy and delicious.  They didn’t taste exactly like fries but they had great flavor.  I’m always skeptical of desserts that pretend to be things they’re not like “cheesecake.”  Our waiter suggested I try the raw cashew cream cheesecake which was surprisingly good.  It tasted like a creamy granola bar.  I probably offended the waiter when I said, “let’s just call it what it is…cashew cake and not cheesecake.”  He didn’t seem so amused and just smiled and walked away.  For vegans, when everything seems like it’s off limits, Peacefood Cafe has so many mouth-watering options, you will not miss meat and dairy.  When I walked out of the restaurant, I felt cleansed, light, and ready for the day.

{Mediterranean seasonal vegetable panini with cashew cream basil spinach pesto}

{Chickpea fries}

 {Raw cashew cream cheesecake}