Momofuku Duck

For my birthday dinner, I was able to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time…Momofuku duck dinner.  4 weeks before the date, I set my alarm for 10 AM to make reservations online.  It’s $140 for the whole rotisserie duck, chive pancakes, 2 sides and sauces for 3 – 6 people.  Some girls ask for expensive bags, diamonds, or shoes, I asked for the duck.  It was mind blowing.  The duck was perfectly cooked and was so tender and juicy.  The chive pancakes were the perfect accompaniment to the duck.  It was so good I ate the leftovers everyday that week.  I still can’t believe how good that dinner was…definitely top 10 dining experiences of all time.

 {We started the dinner with pork buns…yum}

 {Pickled vegetables including kimchi}

 {The star of the show}

 {Duck fat and gochujang sauce}

 {Making myself a lettuce wrap}