I’m always on a mission to find really good Mexican food in New York. It’s like finding buried treasure. My co-worker/friend/partner-in-crime Lisa and I were walking around Nolita when we stumbled upon Tacombi. What lured us in was an old school VW mini van parked inside the restaurant which had a man making tacos in it!! The restaurant looked more like a garage but whimsical at the same time. It had a little Mexican town vibe. What you have to do first, is buy tickets for the tacos at the counter with all the yummy drinks like horchata (liquid churros) and then you take your tickets to the taco truck. I decided to try the pescado tacos because let’s face it, on the East Coast they are hard to come by. I could’ve eaten 10 of these puppies. They were so good! I hear they’re breakfast is killer so I’ll have to go back. It was such a nice break to go here during the work day because it felt like an escape. The whole experience was so different and unique. The added bonus was Chef Aaron Sanchez was standing outside and I had the chance to tell him how wonderful the tacos were.

{Yum Yum}

{Taco truck}

267 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012
(917) 727-0179