Mary’s Fish Camp

marys1I’ve mentioned several times that lobster rolls are one of my favorite things to eat.  You must think I’m crazy by now.  Lobster rolls remind me of summertime and Maine which instantly makes me happy.  My cousin Ivy is in town from California and the only thing she requested was to eat a Mary’s Fish Camp lobster roll.  I just love the vibe at Mary’s.  You walk in and you’re instantly transported to a seaside fish joint where you know the seafood is going to be excellent.  It’s exactly what we needed to break up a cold and dreary winter day.  The lobster roll at Mary’s is everything you want it to be, the roll is buttery and the lobster is creamy and decadent.  The amount of mayo that is in the mix should be so wrong but it’s so right.  It’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever eaten.  To be honest, the lobster roll is the only thing I’ve had at Mary’s with the exception of the oysters.  Every time I go to Mary’s, my intention is to try something new but I just can’t.  I’ve heard that the other things on the menu are just as good.  Go try the best lobster roll in Manhattan!