Macaron Class

When the Sur La Table opened across the street from my apartment, I was excited not only because it’s one of my favorite stores but because they offer cooking classes.  I took a macaron making class and I discovered why macarons are so expensive!  There are so many variables in which macarons can go wrong like the amount of air you whip in the batter, temperature of the room, your oven, how you pipe the macaron.  Our group’s first batch was not so pretty but by the second batch, we got it down.  The class was $69 which is half the price of most baking classes in nyc.  Their kitchen was well lit, bright, big, all new appliances and the staff was fun and helpful.  Our instructor Chloe has worked at many famous restaurants like Per Se and has made many macarons during her culinary career.  I had so much fun making these classic French treats with 3 complete strangers.  I highly recommend the class!

{Purple macaron batter}

 {Chef Chloe Lasseron teaching us how to put the batter into a piping bag}

{This is Chef Chloe piping the macarons}

{This is me messing up}

{The pistachio macarons came out the best}