Ma Peche

Last night, after a failed attempt at getting a table at Locanda Verde, we decided to be spontaneous and go to Ma Peche, which fortunately for us is down the block. We decided to be bold and walk in sans reservations. This is crazy talk in NY. The likelihood of being seated at a hot restaurant without reservations is slim to none unless you’re a celebrity or a critic. We got there just as they opened and we hovered over the hostess. She could probably see the desperation in my eyes because she was kind enough to seat us on condition that we get our asses out of there by 7 pm. I guess this is how you get into a restaurant without reservations, you have to subscribe to the AARP special and go early on a Saturday night. I’ve dined at David Chang’s East Village restaurant, Momofuku Saam Bar which was amazing (can we say pork buns?). In just a few years, he’s become a rock star and one of the top chefs in NY. The vibe at Ma Peche is nothing like his humble downtown eateries. The space was huge and in your face. I’ve read so many reviews about Ma Peche like, David Chang had sold out and gone midtown. Well, I just want to say, thanks bro for bringing your delectable cuisine to my hood because you made my knees weak with your pork and venison terrine and seared fois gras. I can’t even describe to you in words how good the pork and venison terrine and seared fois gras were. The pork dish was crispy and creamy at the same time. It was blowing my mind. The seared fois gras was NOTHING like I’ve ever eaten before and when I die, I want my last meal to include that thing.

This is what I had:
-Beef tartare – soy, scallion, mint
-Pork & venison terrine – pickled turnips, violet mustard
-Seared foie gras – chestnut, huckleberry
-Duck-sausage, spaetzel, scallions
We also had oysters from Washington state for starters and the brussel sprouts with chili vinaigrette, mint, and scallion.
{Dining room}
{Beef tartare – soy, scallion, mint}
 {Seared foie gras – chestnut, huckleberry}
 {Duck-sausage, spaetzel, scallions}


Ma Peche
Chambers hotel
15 W. 56th St. near Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10019