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Lobster Bake on Governor’s Island

Every New Yorker has a bucket list of places they want to go and things they want to do in New York.  We New Yorkers take for granted the millions of things that we can do at our fingertips.  My boyfriend and I decided to be spontaneous last Saturday and finally knock one of those bucket list items off and go to Governor’s Island.  The ferry ride from Battery Park was free and it only took 5 minutes.

Governor’s Island was like a scene out of your average suburb.  The crowd on the ferry ran towards the green lawn like they haven’t seen one in a while.  I was also reminded by how much I missed rolling around in the grass and sitting under a tree, like a true suburbanite.  There were no cars on the island so both adults and children rode their bikes carefree of traffic and to think it was only a 5 minute ferry ride from Manhattan!

We decided to have a fancy picnic.  Sandwiches, pasta salads, and a sampling of cheeses that’s for amateurs!  We got a 2 person lobster bake from Pier 9, a seafood shack around the corner from our apartment.  They literally give you a 1 gallon paint can filled with 1 lobster, 2 crabs, mussels, clams, corn, and cornbread (on the side).  It was amazing how much flavor was in that can.  We felt like the ultimate foodies having a lobster bake for our picnic.  After our lobster bake, we passed out for about an hour…it was that peaceful.

Next time, I hope to see the whole island and rent bikes.  There was also a water taxi beach by the ferry port that would be cool to check out.  Governor’s Island was a great escape without having to go very far.  The ferry ride alone was worth it, to see the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan.  One off the bucket list!

{Lobster bake in a can}

{Look at all that seafood!}

{Relaxing in the grass}

Pier 9

802 Ninth Avenue near 53rd Street

Governor’s Island