Ladurée Soho

laduree1The first time I ate a Ladurée macaron was 3 years ago in Paris for my birthday.  I went to Paris with my girlfriend Lisa who suggested that we go to Ladurée because it’s THE place for anyone who loves macarons.  It also happens to be a classic Parisian experience. A few years ago they opened their first New York boutique on the Upper East Side and now, there’s a Soho boutique with a restaurant.  Last weekend, my sister and I wanted to have a celebratory brunch and I thought Ladurée was the perfect place.  For $49 you get macarons, tea sandwiches, a bread basket filled with glorious carbs, eggs, fruit, yogurt, juice and tea or coffee.  It was a little fancier than my usual brunch routine but we gals were celebrating and it called for fancy ladies brunching.  Ladurée is a one of a kind experience that some how makes you sit up straighter, drink your tea with your pinky finger sticking out and transports you to Paris.  Let’s be honest, Paris is always a good idea.

laduree2The main dining room

laduree3Tea time

laduree4The Matilda which was a type of green tea

laduree5Macarons, tea sandwiches, and bread basket

laduree6 Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon