La Esquina

I lived in San Diego for 2 years and the one thing I miss the most is the Mexican food, especially fish tacos.  My favorite places in San Diego were small taco shops where you paid $3 for a fish taco.  No frills no fuss just great food.  It’s really hard to find a Mexican place like that in New York City let alone a great fish taco.  I think I’ve come pretty close with La Esquina or “The Corner.”  When I used to work in Soho, I would go there for lunch and get a horchata and 2 fish tacos.  It was my favorite thing to do.  The fish isn’t fried but grilled which I actually grew to love.  The fish taco is fresh and zesty.  It’s not heavy so you don’t feel like a fat blob afterwards.  Horchata is a rice milk drink with cinnamon and to me, it tastes like liquid churros.  Sometimes, I get 2 horchatas at La Esquina because I think theirs is the best I’ve tasted in New York.  My next mission: Find great carne asada fries!

{Taking a break with a horchata and waiting for my tacos}

{Grilled fish tacos with shredded cabbage, salsa verde, and chipotle mayo}