Kin Shop

{Outside Kin Shop}
{Fried pork and oyster salad}
{Massaman braised goat}
{Squid ink soup}

My friend Lisa has truly become one of my most reliable food buddies. As of late, we haven’t been excited about the new restaurants in NY. We decided to try Harold Dieterle’s latest venture which has received some good buzz. I must preface that we were both skeptical before dining since we’re both Asian and we are more critical of Asian foods. Also, a White dude cooking Thai food? How good could it be? After 4 dishes, we also had the roasted duck, we were pleasantly surprised. The braised goat was the best thing on the menu. It was so good we were both licking the curry off the bowl. We both agreed we would go again to taste everything else on the menu. Harold isn’t the 1st Top Chef for nothing!!

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