Joseph Leonard

When I asked my foodie friend Natasha what her favorite New York restaurant was, she said Joseph Leonard without hesitation.  To name one restaurant out of thousands is pretty hard core.  So obviously, I had to go and I did last Saturday for brunch.  When we walked in, the first thing that stood out to me was the ambiance, vibe and decor.  I felt like I was visiting my friend’s apartment in the city with little vintage knick knacks scattered around the place.  I couldn’t stop looking around.  The restaurant felt so homey and comfortable to me like I’ve been coming for years.  I didn’t feel cool enough for this place because it was packed with West Villagers.  Dare I call them preppy hipsters?  They sat us in what I thought were the best seats in the house which were at the bar on the second level by the kitchen.  It was the prime spot to people watch and also spy on the chefs in the kitchen.  I have to give props to Natasha because the food was really good and I’m excited to go back for dinner.

{Vintage mirrors}

{Egg sandwich with brussel sprouts}

{Eggs with pork sausage}

{Compliments of the chef country fried bacon}

{I love the hashtag food porn}