Jja Jang Myun aka Happy Noodles

Many people outside of the Korean community are unfamiliar with jja jang myun, which are black bean noodles. The noodles are in a genre of Korean cuisine called Korean/Chinese (SMART!), which is Chinese inspired Korean food. Ever since I was a little tot, jja jang myun always made me happy. I’ve had so many bowls in my lifetime, everywhere from LA to Korea but the one place that sticks out in my memory is this place in Palisades Park, NJ called Mandarin Restaurant. I remember going there as a child and watching them make the noodles by hand via TVs. The noodles make the dish. The best tasting jja jang myun is when the noodles are handmade. You can tell they’re hand made if you can hear the guy in the back whacking the dough, when they are flat, and have a bite to them. Jja jang myun has also become a litmus test for future boyfriends. If the guy that I’m dating doesn’t like it, then there is no possible future for us. HAPPY NOODLES!

{I’m in heaven}

{I know how this looks but it’s really delicious}


Mandarin Restaurant
110 Broad Ave, #10
Palisades Park, NJ 07650