Japanese Italian Pasta?

Japanese Italian??  It actually makes sense.  Both Japanese and Italian cuisines call for few ingredients in the dishes.  I’ve always wanted to try Basta Pasta because I’ve heard that the pasta is to die for.  When I went to a pasta cooking class at Eataly (read here) the chefs mentioned Basta Pasta and gave it rave reviews.  I was intrigued…the restaurant itself looks like you’re walking into a cooking demo.  You have to walk through the open kitchen to get to your table.  It was amazing to see how clean the kitchen was and how calm the chefs were.  I ordered the special pasta of the day which was spaghetti with clams, shitake mushrooms and fresh tomatoes.  The pasta was perfectly cooked to al dente and it was such a light pasta dish, I didn’t feel over stuffed or carbed-out.  While dining here, you definitely get the feeling of a Japanese place, it’s zen and minimalist but then they wheel out a huge piece of parmigiano reggiano and you’re reminded that you’re eating pasta.

 {Penne with bacon, onions, & egg yolk in cream sauce}

Basta Pasta

37 W 17th Street, between 5th & 6th Ave