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How To Shuck Oysters

Oysters are one of my favorite foods.  I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know how to shuck an oyster.  That was until I learned how to shuck oysters at Claddagh Oyster House in Prince Edward Island.  We had dinner there and I asked Jen who was shucking oysters that night if she could teach me.  It was a lot easier than I thought and I got to eat some of the oysters I shucked.  In the U.S., most of the oysters from PEI can be classified as Malpeque but in theory, there are several different kinds depending on where the farmer decides to grow them.  There are subtle differences between them but all of them have a lovely salty flavor.  My favorites were the Raspberry Point, Colville Bay and Pickle Point.  It was an experience of a lifetime for an oyster lover like me, eating oysters from the source and learning how to shuck them.

 {Jen from the Claddagh Oyster House teaching me how to shuck oysters}

1. Make sure you have a glove or a towel in your non-dominant hand. The hinge should be towards you and the bottom or the cup side is down. Pressing firmly on the top of the oyster, place the knife into the hinge and wiggle until it pops open. It might take some wiggling!

2. When the hinge is open, scrape the blade of the knife across the top of the shell to remove the muscle. When you open the shell, there shouldn’t be any meat attached to the shell. Rotate the shell so that the hinge is farthest from you and scrape the blade of the knife against the bottom of the shell to remove the muscle. Make sure you hold the shell in place so you don’t lose any of the oyster juice.

3. Check for any shells or grit on the oyster. Serve immediately on a bed of ice. I like my oysters with lemon and fresh horseradish.