Hogar Dulce Hogar

basquebakery1Hogar Dulce Hogar means home sweet home in Spanish and it’s exactly how you feel when you step into this quaint Basque bakery in Soho.  When you walk into the sun filled space, your attention is immediately drawn to the right where there’s a wall filled with green plants.  To the left, there’s your typical bakery fare of an espresso machine, Basque pastries and gelato.  I love the attention to detail here like the mini chalkboards in milk bottles and the mini potted plants that are on each table.  There’s also a huge chalkboard in the back for kids to draw on.  Every little detail adds to the homey feel you get here.

If you’re terrible at geography, the Basque country is located in Spain but there’s a lot of French influence.  You will notice it in the pastries.  Two of my favorite things to get here are 1) the almond cake which is super moist, not too sweet and the perfect portion size and 2) the gelato.  The gelato is probably the best in the city and they make it in-house everyday.  Get the hazelnut flavor which is out of this world good.

Hogar Dulce Hogar is a light and airy bakery in Soho that offers delicious and unique sweets.  I can’t say that I’ve ever had Basque pastries before but now I want to learn more!

basquebakery2{Almond cake}

basquebakery3{Green apple gelato}

basquebakery4{Basque pastries}

basquebakery5{One of the many cute quotes around the bakery}