I was hesitant in trying Hangawi because of it’s vegetarian only menu.  How good can vegetables be?  Well, apparently really freaking good.  I walked in and the first thing I noticed was that everyone had their shoes off and were sitting Indian style on the floor.  This is how they sit in traditional restaurants in Korea and I should’ve been prepared but I just had flashbacks of cramped legs and sleepy feet.  Luckily, they thought of people like me and added a sunken floor so you can opt to hang your feet.  The restaurant is very zen and calming.  New Yorkers should just go here for lunch to relax.  The food also parallels the zen feeling with an array of vegetables from both Korean and American cuisines.  What was surprising to me was how delicious everything was and I was not missing out on the meat at all-weird right?

 {Green tea in a pretty cup}

 {Pumpkin porridge}

 {Winter roll sampler}

 {Pancake sampler}

 {Mushroom and dumpling soup}

 {Bibimbap in a clay pot}