Guilty Goose

I first heard about Guilty Goose at the Good Food Fest this past Fall (read here).  I tried their DLT (a BLT but with Duck) and it was amazing.  Guilty Goose is an American Brasserie in Chelsea.  They cure all their meats in house and their menu changes seasonally.  They also have some of the best beers I’ve ever had and that you can’t find in most bars.  My boyfriend and I were walking around the city all day and decided to stop in for some beers and the charcuterie and cheese plate.  We had the following:  duck prosciutto, Scharfe Maxx (amazing cheese), and bresaola with homemade pickles and marmalade.  It’s such an understated, non-pretentious, and cozy place that I’m afraid people will start finding out about this Chelsea gem.

 {Duck DLT from Good Food Fest}

 {Charcuterie & cheese plate}

 {American IPA}