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Gotham West Market

gothamwestmarketI was debating about whether I wanted to share my latest discovery or not.  I’ll explain in a little bit.  I decided to finally go to the Gotham West Market after passing by it several times on my runs along the river.  It’s located in an unassuming part of Midtown West on 11th Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets.  For us New Yorkers it’s basically in the middle of no where but if you’ve been watching closely, it’s a rapidly developing neighborhood.  Gotham West Market will be sure to lure in foodies from around the city.

Anytime I discover a market like this one, where there’s multiple food proveyors and artisans, I literally go to each stall and taste something (e.g. Chelsea Market, Smorgasburg, All Good Things, New World Mall and Plaza Food Hall).  It’s my favorite thing to do on a weekend afternoon.  Gotham West Market has all of my favorite types of food like ramen from Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, tapas from El Colmado, healthy eats at Little Chef, and charcuterie at Cannibal just to name a few.  There are bar stools at each stall as well as tables in the center of the market.  I felt like I was back in college but the food hall here is way cooler.

I was hesitant on posting about this place because I don’t want it to become the next Chelsea Market-over run with tourists, crowded, and unbearable to walk through.  I went last Saturday with a girlfriend and we were able to get a spot right in the middle of the market.  We drank our wine and ate our food in peace.  We didn’t have to wait on crazy lines or have a game plan.  It was very relaxed and chill.  We took a brief break from eating and purused through the Brooklyn Kitchen which is a market that sells artisan foods, kitchenware and offers cooking classes.  Gotham West Market should be on your list of places to go and to eat in the city.

gothamwestmarket{The Directory}

gothamwestmarket2{Genuine Roadside and El Colmado}


gothamwestmarket4{The Brooklyn Kitchen}

gothamwestmarket5{Waiting for my food}

gothamwestmarket6{Nothing beats a good deviled egg from El Colmado}

gothamwestmarket7{Manila clams from El Colmado}

gothamwestmarket8{Fish tacos and sweet potato fries from Genuine Roadside}

gothamwestmarket9{A shot of love from Blue Bottle Coffee}

gothamwestmarket10{Cookie and monkey milk from Little Chef}

gothamwestmarket12{Write it and send it}