Food Court

This is not your average food court.  I walked into the New World Mall in Flushing, Queens and I thought I was transported to Asia.  The New World Mall is the largest Asian mall in New York.  It also boasts a food court with every kind of Asian food you can imagine: Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese.  I’ve heard about this food court from family and I’ve read about it on my favorite food blogs.  I happened to be in Flushing last week so I had to go.  I walked around the food court about 3 times because I couldn’t decide what to get.  I was also walking around the tables to see what other people were getting.  I saw beautiful noodles, dumplings, spicy soups, and rice dishes.  I’m pretty sure I drooled on everyone’s plates.

I had the most amazing soup dumplings from Noodle Village (you get 6 for $4.50).  The meat inside was tender and the broth was very flavorful.  I’m still thinking about the cold noodles from Lan Zhou handmade noodles ($4).  You can watch them hand-pull the noodles.  The noodles were served cold with cucumbers and hot peppers on top.  While I was eating, I kept seeing people carrying these pink mounds from Snopo.  The guy behind the counter said it was flavored shaved ice.  I’m willing to try anything once.  I was skeptical at first because it looked ridiculous but it was surprisingly good.  It was light and fluffy and the perfect dessert after a spicy noodle dish.  I couldn’t believe the quality of the food you get at a food court no less.  I’m so happy I found this food court because when there’s traffic on the 495 heading towards the city, this is a lovely detour.