Fancy Lunch

I learned from one of my girlfriends that every girl needs a fancy lunch once in a while.  A lunch where you dress up and dine among fancy ladies.  Picture this scene…1 pm on a weekday at BG the restaurant on the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman, ladies who lunch in louboutins who are dressed like they walked off the September issues, the wait staff dressed in white coats and a Kelly Wearstler designed dining room.  Is a $30 salad ridiculous?  Absolutely.  So I ditched my usual jeans and t-shirt and Chipotle lunch for a dress and a fancy lunch at BG.  It’s a beautiful restaurant with great ambiance and people watching.  I loved that it was on the 7th floor of Bergdorfs which is the home floor.  I could walk through there everyday daydreaming of decorating my dream home.  This can definitely not become a habit but for an afternoon, it was nice to dress up and have a fancy lunch.

{Kelly Wearstler section of Bergdorfs}