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Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market

With all the artisanal doughnut shops popping up all over the city, it was about time someone opened a mini doughnut shop.  Our good friend, Evan Feldman and his pastry chef partner, Katie Rosenhouse opened Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market.  You can find Doughtnuttery at the Southern entrance of Chelsea Market on 15th Street.  My boyfriend and I went on Saturday and it was so crowded we were elbow-to-elbow with people trying to get a glimpse of the mini doughnuts.  I think everyone knows by now my obsession with all things mini so I was already sold on the idea but when I tasted them, I was an immediate fan.  The doughnuts were served piping hot from their doughnut making machine which was an attraction in of itself.  Right now, you have a choice of classic and sugared doughnuts.  There are 12 different unique sugar flavors.  The Doughnuttery’s favorite flavor is Paris Time which has infusions of lavender, pistachio, and vanila sugar.  My favorite was the raspberry balsamic dough dip.  When I dipped the mini doughnuts in the raspberry dip, it reminded me of a deconstructed jelly doughnut.  The doughnuts tasted so good because they were crispy on the outside, soft and light in the inside.  The best part was that I ate a lot of doughnuts but didn’t feel stuffed.  Go try Doughnuttery’s mini doughnuts at Chelsea Market and visit their Facebook page here.  Thank you to the Doughnuttery for all the doughnuts!