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DC & Baltimore Food Tour

{Chicken with pepperoni sauce}

Lisa (foodie friend) and I had originally planned a week long Southern BBQ road trip but for health reasons, we planned a short food tour.  1st stop was Mike Isabella’s (from Top Chef) Graffiato in DC.  I had been dreaming about his pepperoni sauce ever since Gail Simmons moaned over it at the show’s finale.  It was just as good as I thought it would be and more.  Mike Isabella himself walked over to us and chatted with us for a while.  I asked him why he didn’t open a restaurant in NY and he said because restaurants in NY are fads and he wanted his restaurant to last.  He was really warm and charming, nothing like the competitive persona that was portrayed on the show.

After a short break, we headed over to Frederick, Maryland to dine at Volt by Bryan Voltaggio (another Top Chef alum).  It was clean, artistic, and beautiful at the same time.  The dishes were exactly how you would expect Bryan Voltaggio’s dishes to look like…they looked like works of art.  Unfortunately, he was not there which I was really sad about because the Voltaggios were my favorite contestants.

{Pizza with prosciutto at Graffiato}

{Salad at Volt}

{Amuse bouche}


{Pork belly}


{Chocolate dessert}