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Chicago has been on my list of places to go for forever.  Luckily, my BFF Carrol is living in Chicago and visiting her was on the top of  my list too.  I had a romanticized vision of Chicago since most of my all time favorite movies were filmed there…While You Were Sleeping, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and The Breakup to name a few.  I might have a skewed experience of Chicago because 1) I went during the summer 2) I had my BFF with me 3) She lives right on Lake Michigan.  Chicago is like NY but cleaner and spread out.  The food scene is pretty impressive but for my first trip I decided to stick with the classics…some Chicago style dogs, deep dish pizza and of course some Rick Bayless.

My one request for Carrol was that we do the river tour because my favorite scene from My Best Friend’s Wedding is when they are on the river tour and Michael says, “when you love someone you say it, otherwise the moment just…passes you by…”  I try to live my life like that.  I try to tell the people I love when I feel it and not hold back.  There’s something very romantic, fun and fresh about Chicago and I was definitely impressed with what Chicago had to offer!

{Cubs fans for a day}

{The famous Wrigley Field}

{Chicago river tour}

{Best Friends}

{Belly Shack Dog}

{The Bean}

{Fountain at Millennium Park}

{Fun in the fountain}


Belly Shack (Order Belly Shack Dog)

Frontera Grill (Order Chicken Mole)

Home Page

Gino’s East (Deep dish pizza)


Boat Tour-Wendella Boats