Charlie Bird

charliebird1I honestly didn’t know that much about Charlie Bird except that many people I know have been raving about it and that it’s grown quite a buzz.  My girlfriends took me there for my birthday dinner and I’m still dreaming about it.  It’s an unassuming space on King street.  You almost miss it if you’re not looking out for it but inside, there’s an intimate ambiance with unforgettable food and a to-die-for wine list.  As I’m writing this I keep thinking about the farro salad which is literally the best salad I’ve ever had.  It’s made of pistachios, pumpkin, mint and parmigiano.  The best part of the meal had to be the wines which were expertly paired with our food by our sommelier.  We still have goosebumps from one of the wines he poured us.  All of the ingredients are locally sourced from farms and waters around the city which makes everything taste incredibly fresh.  I lean towards simple food with minimal ingredients but packs a lot of flavor and Charlie Bird delivers on all fronts.

charliebird2 {Every meal should start with oysters}

charliebird3 {Farro salad}

charliebird4 {Razor clams}

charliebird5 {Pasta with clams}

charliebird6 {Ribeye, anchovy butter and duck fat potatoes}

charliebird7 {Goosebump worthy wine}

charliebird8 {Making a wish}