buvette1If you’re craving a little bit of Paris in New York make your way to Buvette in the West Village.  There will most certainly be a wait but it’s worth it.  The food is exquisite, the service impeccable and the space so quaint and charming.  Everything from the printed menus that change seasonally to the small plates that your meal arrives on is done with a great deal of detail.  It’s what the French do best, pack a lot of goodness into a small package.  Dining at Buvette transported me to a sidewalk cafe in Paris and when a girl can’t get to Paris, Buvette is the next best thing.

Buvette2 {Croque Madam}

buvette3{The Bar}

buvette4 {The inside of the restaurant is so cute and quaint}

buvette5 {The bustling bar}

buvette6 {One of the many cute collages featured on their website}

buvette7 {LOVE}