Brunch & Jello Shots

Are you ever in a predicament where you have a group of people that you want to meet for brunch but you don’t want to spend a lot of money AND you need a reservation?  Problem solved…Mercadito.  I planned a brunch for me and 7 of my friends and needed a cheap brunch place with good food and was able to take a reservation.  Let’s be serious, I’ve done the whole waiting an hour for Good Enough to Eat thing and people start getting cranky!  Imagine waiting on line for brunch with 7 people in tow, they would shoot me.

I remembered Mercadito in the East Village from 6 years ago when my best friend Carrol used to live in the neighborhood and we used to go there often.  I also remembered how amazing the fish tacos were.  Here’s the deal for brunch, you get 3 drinks (margarita, sangria, or mimosa) and brunch dish with rice and beans for $18.  I was also able to make reservations with them.  I ordered the steak tacos and margaritas.  My boyfriend ordered the steak and egg and said it was very good.  The fish tacos were as amazing as I remembered.  Everyone was very happy with the food and drinks.

Afterwards, we went to Destination down the block for some quirky jello shots.  The last time I had a jello shot was in college and I think that’s why it was so fun.  This bar was amazing.  For some reason, they have happy hour on the weekends and all the drinks were half off.  I just love finding a new bar in the city that doesn’t make you cringe when you get the bill.  Thank you to Annie and Greg for steering us in the right direction.  Needless to say, we didn’t get home until 9 PM.

{I am obsessed with Mexican food}

{Jello shots with gummy worms at Destination}



179 Avenue B, between 11th & 12th Streets

Destination Bar

211 Avenue A at the corner of 13th Street