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Brunch in Williamsburg

{Two eggs with kale, hash brown, and biscuit}

I’ve been venturing into Brooklyn more and more this year.  It used to be unchartered territory for me until everyone I knew was buzzing about the food scene.  I’ve asked every Brooklynite the same question, “If there was one restaurant I have to try right now what would it be?”  The answer is always Egg in Williamsburg.  To name a breakfast and brunch place out of all the dining options in Brooklyn was bold.  I mean, how great can eggs be?  Well apparently, it’s really good and everything tastes so fresh because they have their own farm in upstate New York.  I also loved that it was a Southern style breakfast with biscuits and gravy and grits on the menu.  Afterwards, we walked towards the river to check out the Brooklyn flea.  I’ve been to the one in Fort Greene (seen here) and the Smorgasburg (seen here) but I’ve never been to the Brooklyn flea in Williamsburg.  There are still some food vendors there and the flea is more spread out than the one in Fort Greene.  With so many great restaurants and things to do, Brooklyn is definitely luring me in.

 {French press coffee, doodling, and waiting for my eggs}

 {Brooklyn Flea}

 {May the force be with you}

 {Dulce de leche donut at Dough}