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Brunch in Williamsburg

brunchinbk1In recent years, Williamsburg has become THE foodie destination in New York.  Manhattanites are crowding the L train to try Williamsburg’s best.  My list of must-go-to restaurants is really long now so I needed to start crossing some places off my list.  Not to mention that I really need to start venturing out to Brooklyn more…for real.

I decided that this past weekend was the perfect time.  I was fortunate enough to have an expert guide, Amy Cao from Amy Blogs Chow.  She’s a veteran blogger and Williamsburg resident.  She recommended Reynards at the Wythe Hotel.  Don’t let the trendy hotel fool you, Reynards had legit food with an unbelievably friendly staff.  Also, don’t let the appearance of two little Asian girls fool you either…we can both eat.  We ordered the squash donut with apple butter filling for appetizer which was amazing!  We shared the goetta and eggs and ham and cheese croissant.  I learned that goetta (pronounced get-uh) is a German-American breakfast sausage that is made of terrine and oatmeal.  It was sweet and delicious.

When I got off the L train at Bedford Avenue and walked towards the Wythe hotel, I couldn’t believe how uncrowded the streets were.  I could actually walk down the street without bumping into people.  When I walked into the Wythe hotel, I was shocked by how big the space was and how high the ceilings were.  This would be something foreign in Manhattan.  Thank you Amy for a wonderful time in Williamsburg, it definitely wetted my appetite for more!

brunchinbk2 {Wythe Hotel}

brunchinbk3 {Goetta and eggs}

brunchinbk4 {Ham and cheese croissant}

brunchinbk5 {Brunch with Amy}