Breakfast at Locanda Verde

{Lemon ricotta pancakes}

There are some mornings when there’s a necessity for a fancy breakfast to break out of the rut.  Most mornings, I have my usual oatmeal with coffee.  It’s fine most of the time but I was just not feeling it yesterday.  I was in need of eggs and pancakes.  I met my girlfriend at Locanda Verde, Robert De Niro’s Italian inspired restaurant in Tribeca.  We’ve both dined at Locanda Verde for dinner (which was amazing by the way) and wanted to try their breakfast.  I have to say, it was really nice to eat breakfast at a near empty restaurant that is usually busting at the seems at night.  What I loved about the breakfast here is that they serve all your usual suspects like eggs, omelets and pancakes just dressed up with fancy ingredients.  It’s that extra special touch that makes an ordinary breakfast into a fancy one.  If only everyday was like this, starting the day off with a great girlfriend and a yummy breakfast!

 {Pastries and coffee}

 {Drinking coffee while I decide what to get}

 {Zucchini frittata-roasted tomato, goat cheese, fiore di zucca}

 {Uova modenese-cotechino hash, spinach, tomato hollandaise}