Barn Joo

barnjoo1I used to think eating  alone at a restaurant was both so sad and so courageous.  When I would see someone eating alone at a restaurant, I would always wonder, is there really nobody he/she could eat out with?  I don’t think people who eat alone are pathetic but it’s mostly because I consider eating out a social activity.  If I’m on my own for dinner, I always default to eating at home by myself.  One day, I realized that as an adult, I never had the courage to do it.  It was really about fear and that was unacceptable.  It was a huge step for me to eat by myself at a restaurant.

Last year, I ate dinner at a restaurant for the first time by myself via this post.  Ever since that one time, I’ve been eating by myself quite frequently.  I find in New York it’s quite easy because a lot of New Yorkers do it.  A couple of weekends ago, I had plans to meet a girlfriend for brunch who ended up not making it but I thought, I’m hungry and I still want to go.  I had brunch on a busy Saturday by myself for the first time.

The spot, Barn Joo, a Korean gastropub in the Flatiron district.  I’m always intrigued by restaurants that do Korean cuisine in a modern or new way.  What sets Barn Joo a part from the traditional Korean restaurants you will find on 32nd Street is that it serves Korean comfort food with farm-to-table ingredients.  There’s also a lively bar scene on week nights.  The manager told me that some of the vegetables are grown from the roof and purchased at the Union Square Greenmarket.  I thought the decor was whimsical and the food delicious so my first brunch alone was quite successful.

barnjoo2I loved the barn-like decor

barnjoo3The perfect brunch

barnjoo4 The dramatic entrance