My Favorite Superfoods

superfoodsIt’s a New Year and I’m ready for clean eating.  After every holiday season, I like to eat clean to reset myself.  I’m a huge foodie so there are no starvation diets here.  I like to eat REAL food that’s nutritious and delicious.  Eating clean is not only about looking good on the outside and shedding extra flab, it’s about feeling good inside and feeling good about yourself.  It’s about feeling strong and fit not skinny!  For 2014, I want to drink less booze and eat more veggies.  Two very simple things that for the life of me are so hard!  I’m turning 32 this year and I want to be the best version of myself.  I really do believe you are what you eat and you have to start in the kitchen.  These are my favorite superfoods that I try to incorporate in all my meals.