My Favorite Snacks

favesnacks1I learned the importance of packing my own snacks on my last trip to Patagonia (via this post).  I just really couldn’t stomach eating white bread with butter everyday for breakfast for 2 weeks.  I had the foresight to bring my favorite snacks with me just in case food was scarce.  There are the obvious healthy snacks that I always bring with me like fruit and nuts but since I was traveling abroad, most international customs don’t allow you to bring fruits or vegetables.  Just ask my boyfriend who accidentally had an apple on him when he went through customs in Santiago, Chile.  He was immediately apprehended by the police and interrogated for 2 hours.  Yikes!  Taking a cue from him, I made sure I had nothing resembling fruit on me.  These are my favorite on-the-go snacks that I love to bring with me when I travel abroad or keep in my purse for a quick snack.  Oh, and you don’t want to see me get hungry!


1. Macrobars I’m obsessed with the peanut butter and chocolate chip flavor. What I love about these bars is that they’re organic, vegan, macrobiotic, and high protein. I eat them when I need a quick breakfast, snack, or dessert.

2. Every girl needs protein to sustain and to build strong muscles. I pour these Teras whey protein powders into small water bottles and shake. It’s perfect for traveling because you can buy water anywhere. It’s a high protein (20g to be exact!) and a delicious breakfast or snack in seconds. I love Tera’s whey protein because they are organic and hormone free.

3. Think Thin bars are my go-to meal replacement bars when I’m in a rush or simply don’t have the time to eat. They are high protein and gluten free. I simply love them because they taste really good. They don’t have that gritty chemical taste that most protein bars have. My favorite flavor is creamy peanut butter.

4. I just discovered chia seeds. They are a superfood similar to flax seeds. I absolutely fell in love with Chia Bar. They are smaller bars which are a perfect snack for in between meals and only 100 – 110 calories. These bars have tons of fiber and protein. They also taste delicious! My favorite flavors are coconut and chocolate peanut butter (surprise surprise).

5. I told my boyfriend recently that if I could bring the whole tub of almond and peanut butter with me everywhere I go, I would. Luckily for me, Justin’s makes nut butters in easy to travel small packs. Hallelujah! Justin’s has your classic almond, peanut and hazelnut butter but also naughty ones like chocolate almond butter and chocolate hazelnut. This has been a game changer for me since I put almond and peanut butter on everything!