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 {RICCIOLA-lightly cooked yellowtail, meyer lemon, pistachio cream}
 {Calamari with kale}
 {FUSILLI-red wine braised octopus, bone marrow}  
{Sea scallops with fried polenta}
{GIANDUJA-cocoa nib crema, hazelnut chocolate, fior di latte gelato}
{How gorgeous is this bar}
I’ve read and heard that Marea is the best new restaurant in NY so clearly I had to go. It was such a beautiful meal! It started with oysters. While some people might be turned off by the way oysters taste, I love that they taste like the ocean. They are so cool and refreshing like running into the ocean on a hot day. For appetizers, I had the calamari with kale and a sauce that I forgot the name of. Next, I got the yellowtail. It was so fresh and perfectly accompanied by a meyer lemon sauce and pistachio cream. I’ve been dying to try the fusili with octopus and bone marrow because I heard that it’s the best pasta dish ever. First of all, whatever bone marrow is, it’s really good. Don’t let the words bone and marrow steer you away. The octopus was so tender. I didn’t want it to end. The sauce was so magical. It was creamy but there wasn’t any cream in it. Everything worked together beautifully in my mouth. May I say that there is nothing yummier than an al-dente pasta. Next, I had the scallops with fried polenta. That scallop was literally the sweetest scallop I have ever had. When I cut the fried polenta in half, it oozed out creamy polenta from the center. When I bit into it, it was crispy on the outside and creamy in the inside. perfection. No meal would be complete without a chocolatey confection right? The hazelnut chocolate cake I ordered was so yummy. At the end of dessert, the waitress gave us 4 homemade chocolates which were also SO GOOD and they gave us a muffin to go. How nice of them? The meal from start to finish was so luxurious and special. Chef Michael White created a cohesive and thoughtful menu. I can’t think of any Italian restaurants in NY that exclusively serve seafood. I also loved that there were little hints of the ocean in the restaurant. There were different types of conches on the window sill and the bar looked like it was made of mother of pearl. There were little elegant touches here and there without making the restaurant have a cheesy nautical theme. I’m already daydreaming about that fusili pasta