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Maine-ly Perfect

{Lobstering with Dan Cosby from Crate to Plate}

Every time I go to Maine, I fall in love all over again.  I also make it a point to try different things.  I do however, always make it a tradition to eat a lobster roll from a new place.  During this trip, we rented bikes in Acadia National Park and biked 24 miles to and from Jordan Pond, which was tiring but worth it!  We rode the motorcycle up to the top of Cadillac Mountain just in time for the sunset.  I also had the rare opportunity to go lobster fishing with a REAL lobster man.  He just so happened to be the neighbor of the couple we were staying with and I asked, no begged if I could go with him.  Lobstering is no joke and the lobster fishermen in Maine take it very seriously.  The lobsters here are their life line.  It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  I will never take for granted eating a lobster that so easily arrives on my plate.  I will always remember the countless cages we had to open, refilling it with bait, measuring the lobster, putting rubber bands on their claws, and the cleaning and prepping…We even caught a blue lobster which are really rare.  We stayed in Northport which is in between Camden and Belfast.  If you’re ever in that neck of the woods call up Dan to take you out.

{Blue Lobstah}

{Lobster roll from Cappy’s in Camden}

{Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park}

{Smallest Star Fish Ever}

Things to do

Dan Cosby-Crate to Plate

Acadia National Park


Cappy’s Chowder House

Red’s Eats (Lobster Rolls)

41 Water Street
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