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Lobster Rolls

I have an obsession with lobster rolls.  The combination of buttery roll and sweet lobster and the mere fact that they remind me of summer.  As with anything in NY, there is a competition for the best lobster roll.  I worked with the Tasting Table for their annual lobster roll rumble and I got to hang out with 18 of the best lobster roll chefs across the country.  It was so interesting to find out why they made their lobster rolls the way they did.  Some used more mayo than others, some opted to not use the traditional Pepperidge Farm rolls, and others dared to put bacon on their rolls.  I also had the rare opportunity to escort 3 judges to each booth.  The judges were Harold Dieterle, Katie Lee, and Donatella Arpaia.  Here are the winner’s:

Judge’s Favorite: Mary’s Fish Camp (New York, NY)

Fan Favorite: Luke’s Lobster Roll (New York, NY)