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How To Eat A Lobster

I love lobsters.  For me, lobsters are the symbol of warm summer days in Maine.  As evidenced below, I like them steamed and in a lobster roll.  Last week when my boyfriend and I were eating dinner at J’s Oyster in Portland, Maine, a woman next to us was butchering her lobster.  It was so painful to watch.  I didn’t understand what she was doing because the placemats at the restaurant had a tutorial on how to eat a lobster.  I guess everyone has their own way of eating a lobster but there are definitely easier ways to get to the lobster meat.  This is how I eat my lobster…

 1. I twist the claws off.

2. I use the lobster cracker to get the claw meat out.

3. I bend the tail back and twist it off.

4. I break off the fin.

5. Using a fork, I take the tail meat out.

6. I unhinge the body shell from the body and place all the pieces on a plate.