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Pure Food and Wine

SNOW DAY!! I feel like a kid again. Waking up and running up to the window seeing how much snow there is on the road and praying for a snow day. The best part of living in the suburbs is that it’s virtually impossible to go to work if your road isn’t even plowed. WOOHOO!!

So let me tell you about Pure Food and Wine. The overall experience was very surprising. After your meal, you can’t help but wonder, how did they make all that with raw vegetables? Yes, that’s right everything was raw. That means, the food wasn’t cooked over 118 degrees. The food was flavorful, had texture, and was appeasing to the eye. My co-worker and I had the 5 course tasting menu because to be honest, we didn’t think 2 courses would be enough food for us. Some stand out dishes were….the hazelnut cracker with creme fraiche, the 3-nut patty over mache salad with honey chili dressing, and the pineapple, beet, and cilantro gazpacho. I don’t usually like gazpacho but this one was sweet and just up my alley. I have one confession to make, when I tasted the king oyster mushroom scallop, I was sort of hoping for a real scallop. I was left a little unsatisfied. There’s no shroom in the world that can match the buttery taste of scallops…I guess I can’t be a vegan. My favorite part of the meal…dessert. I was sort of annoyed that my dinner companion got the chocolate confection but I was content that I got something with coconut. He is a nice guy and was willing to share. Little did he know I had plans to house that thing. He got a lemon chocolate tarte with chocolate sorbet. Since there is no dairy in vegan dining, I’m guessing it was made with either soy milk or coconut milk. It was divine. My coconut dessert had the texture of peeps (the marshmellow thing). It was accompanied by a berry compote that was mashed with granola sprinkled on top. It was light and fresh. After 5 courses, we felt as light as air. We weren’t full at all and we made a pact to try and eat less and make healthier decisions in the future. Overall, I really liked the experience. It was a sexy intimate restaurant with candlelit tables and red walls. I was very impressed by the array of dishes they offered since there’s only so much you can do with raw vegetables, seeds and nuts. Also, to make it all taste good! They definitely accomplished what they set out to do. There was a moment during dinner when I thought about meat and cheese but other than that, I didn’t really miss it.

Pure Food and Wine
54 Irving Place at 17th Street.
New York, NY 10003