Everyday Indian

Tackling Indian cooking was #2 on my bucket list for 2012 (per this post).  Indian food is the only cuisine that eludes me.  The ingredients and spices are very intimidating to me.  On Monday, I took an Indian cooking class at Sur La Table to finally learn how to cook it.  I was really surprised at how easy Indian cooking can be.  Why was I so scared?  Indian food is so delicious and so flavorful without all the cream and butter.  I did have to amp up the spices in my pantry to make the curry for dinner last night.  What I loved about the class was that we all cooked everything from the menu.  I’ve been to cooking classes before where you only cook 1 thing from the menu and never get to make the other things.  This was the menu: Coconut spring vegetable curry with cashews, grilled chicken masala with mango-mint chutney, lemon-cucumber raita, cumin scented basmati rice, and cardamom vanilla custard with ginger grilled pineapple.  I’m definitely hooked on Indian food now!

 {Ingredients for the coconut spring vegetable curry with cashews}

 {Curry with mango-mint chutney and lemon-cucumber raita}

 {Cutting pineapples for dessert}

 {Chef Judi Rose preparing the ginger grilled pineapples}

 {Cardamom vanilla custard with ginger grilled pineapple}