Dragon Fruit

During my last visit to Chinatown as per this post, I stopped at a fruit stand and took a look at all the exotic fruits.  I decided to buy a dragon fruit since I’ve never tasted one before and I was being particularly adventurous that day.  I asked the lady, “how do you know when they are ripe?”  Her response wasn’t that helpful; she said, “they’re all ripe.”  I also asked her how to peel it and again, her response was, “you peel it like a kiwi.”  I promptly responded, “how could that be since kiwis have fuzzy skin?”  I had an inkling that I was becoming a nuisance so I purchased my dragon fruit and scurried away.  When I got home, I did some research online and just went with my gut instinct and began cutting it up.  The dragon fruit was tart and very refreshing.  It’s not particularly sweet but it had a whole distinct flavor unto itself.  It was almost too gorgeous to eat.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cut a dragon fruit in case you feel like being adventurous!

{Dragon fruits at a fruit stand in Chinatown}

 {This was me after I bought the dragon fruit-I’m so happy}

1. Place the dragon fruit on a flat surface. Cut the dragon fruit vertically through the middle.

2. The dragon fruit looks like this. Isn’t it gorgeous?

3. Take a spoon and scoop out the fruit (the white filling). It comes out easily.

4. Looks like this.

5. Scoop out the rest of the fruit.

6. Cut the fruit into cubes.

7. Put the cubes back into the skin for a pretty presentation. Enjoy!