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Diablo Royale Este

 I felt like I was walking into a Mexican Western saloon. The decor was very naughty and devilish. It reminded me of that movie From Dusk till Dawn with Salma Hayek when she’s dancing clad in a bikini and python. The walls and chairs are blood red, the chandeliers made of antlers, there are 2 sets of stairs trickled with candles that don’t lead anywhere, and there’s a lovely outdoor garden, that’s where we sat because it was finally a warm weekend in NY. The menu had all the usual suspects…tacos, gauc, enchiladas, etc. with a few surprising extras like the croque monsieur chimichanga, which croque monsieurs are usually found on French menus. This is what I ate: grilled corn on the cob with lime mayo, cotija, and sprinkled with cayenne-SO GOOD. It was buttery and cheesy; carnitas tacos-slow roasted pork shoulder prepared with tomatillo salsa, chicharron and served on a soft corn tortilla; and grilled steak tacos-organic black angus skirt steak, caramelized onions, chipotle crema and pico de gallo served on a soft corn tortilla. The steak was very tender and cooked perfectly. Both tacos were very tasty. The only problem I had was that they brought the tacos, chips and salsa, and the appetizers all at the same time. I hate when that happens because I’m ADD and I can’t focus on one thing at a time so I’m always torn between eating multiple dishes at once. The ambiance of the restaurant wins major points with me and I would go back to meet friends for drinks.

After dinner, we went down the street to NYC Icy. It is literally a hole in the wall next to a deli. They had the yummiest selection of Italian ices. When was the last time you had one? It brought back so many childhood memories and they even give it to you in those white paper cups. The best flavor they had was mango basil, so light and fresh and Mexican cocoa, which had a spicy kick.

Every time I venture to the East Village, I always want to stay and walk around because it’s choc-full of new and interesting places to eat.
Diablo Royale Este

167 Avenue A @ 11th Street
New York, NY 10009