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 {Bird’s Nest}


{Beet Salad}

Mmmm…pizza there is no other food like it. It’s simple yet so delicious. What I love about pizza is that you can eat it with your hands anytime time of day whether it’s cold for breakfast, dinner with friends, or drunk at 4 AM. Pizza is a staple in New Yorkers’ diets and we are very picky about the pizza we eat. My good friend Annie and I met up for dinner at Co. (Company) in a desolate part of Chelsea. The restaurant’s decor was simple and clean. There were 2 long communal picnic tables in the middle of the restaurant which made the restaurant look inviting. On to the food…Annie and I shared the beet salad with pumpkin seeds, scallions, watercress and olive oil. It was very good. It was a dish that proved that the simplest ingredients always taste the best. First, we had the margherita pizza. It was served piping hot right out of the oven. I love when you tear a slice away from the pie and the mozzarella follows it. When the cheese and the sauce marry into one. The crust was perfectly crisp and not soggy or chewy in any way. The crust was the best part. It was blistered to perfection. Annie thought it was too burnt, which some spots were but it was so good I wanted more. Next, we ordered their special of the day bird’s nest. Now let me tell you about the bird’s nest…It had shaved asparagus on top of the crust which looked like a bird’s nest. On top of the asparagus, were quail eggs cooked sunny side up with shaved black truffles on top of the yolk. Umm…why are truffles so good? Anything with truffles is automatically good. Anyways…When you bit into the pizza and the yolk broke, it was infused with truffles. Like seriously? The combination of the crispy crust, crunchy asparagus and the truffle infused yolk was mind blowing. I would never have thought to put those 3 things but now that I’ve had it, I’m addicted. I dream about this pizza all the time. Also, why are quail eggs so underrated? They would be so cute sunny side up on mini toasts. There were 2 guys sitting next to us amazed at the quantity of food we ate. They kept whispering, or failing to whisper because we could hear every word they were saying, that they were manly enough to finish everything but they were trying to have portion control. PAHAHAHA portion control? what’s that? The guy sitting next to Annie asked her to barter a slice of bird’s nest pizza for his meatball slice. Dude, that’s a $6 slice of pizza. Where did he get the balls to ask her? Annie politely said no but throughout the course of dinner, we heard them bitterly snickering at us fatties. We finished the meal with a classic banana split. Our friendly neighbors’ jaws dropped when they saw that we killed that too. This was definitely on my top 5 pizza experiences.


230 Ninth Ave @ 24th Street
New York, NY 10001