Blue Apron

The guys at Blue Apron sent me a box filled with a week’s worth of meals.  This is not your average food delivery service.  Once a week, the team at Blue Apron sends you a box filled with ingredients and instructions for 3 meals that you make that week.  These are some reasons why I loved my first week cooking Blue Apron meals:  The recipes were created by seasoned chefs, they pre-measured all the ingredients for you, they sent the freshest ingredients, they use organic products as much as possible, they use quality meats from purveyors like Pat LaFrieda, and the delivery was free.

I chose to make the fish dish first because the letter that was included in the box mentioned that you should because the fish is the freshest ingredient.  I was also intrigued by the “En Papillote” cooking method which I had never done before.  It simply means to cook fish in paper.  I really appreciated that recipe introduced me to new ingredients I had never used before like the freekeh and baby patty pan squash.  I liked that the meal was perfectly portioned for 2 people and the recipe card tells you how many calories the meal has.

Throughout the week, I also made the chicken mole with green rice and lamb kebabs and chickpeas which were both very very delicious.  All the meals took no longer than 30 minutes to cook.  The last thing I want to do after a long day is spend time at a crowded grocery store buying all the ingredients for dinner.  Because I knew all the ingredients I needed were already in the refrigerator, it put my mind at ease and I could spend my extra time doing other things.  Blue Apron easily saved me 3 hours last week.  It’s also affordable.  It was $9.99 per person per meal which works out to about $60 for 2 people for 3 dinners.  I don’t know where you live, but in New York City, that can easily be the cost of one person’s dinner at a restaurant.  The recipes were very easy to follow and it introduced me to new ingredients and cooking methods.  I just received this week’s delivery last night and I’m excited to make and to taste all the meals!  Thanks again to the Blue Apron team!

{Ingredients to make White Fish En Papillote with Freekeh}

{Putting the ingredients into the paper}

{Baking dinner in paper}

 {Chicken Mole with Green Rice}

{Lamb Kofte Kebabs, Sauteed Chickpeas and Cucumber Yogurt Sauce}